40th Anniversary Edition Maxima

The 2021 Nissan Maxima will mark 40 years since its original release. Nissan has put together a special and limited 40th Anniversary Edition package for the Maxima which will go on sale this fall. There are many premium upgrades features on the limited edition package, building on what comes equipped in the Platinum trim level. Some of these features include heated rear seats, red contrast interior stitching, black exterior finishers and 40th anniversary badge.

The Maxima dates back to 1981 when the Datsun 810 came out bearing the Maxima name. Originally referred to as the “4-Door Sports Car”, the Maxima was innovative and exciting. Dropping the 810 from its name the true first generation Maxima featured the engine of the 240Z and a 5-speed manual transmission. At the time the industry standard was a 4-speed or less, so this was innovative for the time. 

Next came the second generation of Maxima’s, which was from 1985 to 1988. This generation was the first to offer a V6 engine and front-wheel drive. It was the last model to have the option of getting a station wagon style body.

The third generation followed in 1989, being considered the best affordable sedan in the world. It was powered by a 160-horsepower 3.0-liter V6 and fiercely competed with many of the top European sedans at the time. The Nissan engineering team returned in 1995 with a larger design to the body and a new engine. This version of the Maxima was voted as Motor Trend’s Import Car of the Year and was featured on Car and Driver’s 10 best list.

After this three more generations followed in quick succession. The fifth-generation introduced  the VQ35 V6 and had 255-horsepower. In 2004 the sixth-generation Maxima made a leap to becoming a more luxury focused sedan. The seventh-generation evolved to a more aggressive exterior styling as well as a 290-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 engine.

The current generation of Maxima’s debuted in 2016 introducing the V-Motion front end and floating roof design. A facelift followed in 2019 bringing enhancements to security, safety, and technological connectivity. 

40 years of the Nissan Maxima have been great, and the trend looks to continue with the upcoming 2021 edition.

Which Nissan Truck is Right for Me?

Nissan currently has three different models of trucks to choose from, the Frontier, the Titan, and the Titan XD. Nissan makes some of the best and most reliable trucks on the market, combining the best elements of practicality, performance, and comfort. So the question is, which one of these three should you choose? We’re gonna go over all three and help you decide which Nissan truck is best for you.


Nissan’s mid-size pickup, the Frontier, is the cheapest truck that Nissan offers. The lower price tag doesn’t mean it skips out on features, though. The Frontier houses a 3.8-liter V6 connected to a nine-speed automatic transmission, producing 310 hp and 281 lb-ft of torque. You can get the Frontier in either RWD or 4WD. You have the choice between two different bed lengths, either 59.5 inches or 73.3 inches. The towing capacity on the Frontier is 6,720 pounds, so it definitely has the capability to tow most trailers or boats. Starting at $26,790, the Frontier is a great mid-size pickup.


Next in the line-up is the Titan. The Titan is larger than the Frontier, which means more power, more cargo space, and more towing capacity. Sporting a 5.6-liter V8 engine that produces 400 horsepower and 413 lb-ft of torque, the Titan produces more power than any competitor’s base V8. You can get the Titan in either 4×2 or 4×4, and the Titan can tow up to 9,370 pounds. An 8.0 inch infotainment screen is featured in the cabin which supports Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and two USB ports. The Titan is more expensive than the Frontier starting at $36,190.

Titan XD

The biggest of all the Nissan pickups is the Titan XD. This beast is built on a heavy-duty chassis and is powered by a 5.6-liter V8 engine that produces 400 horsepower and 413 lb-ft of torque. The XD is 900 pounds heavier than the regular Titan, which helps give it a maximum towing rating of 10,880 pounds for a bumper-pull trailer or 11,000 pounds for a gooseneck. The XD is perfect for you if you need a heavy duty work truck that specializes in getting things done, but also keeping you comfortable while doing it.

Hopefully this has helped you determine which one of these Nissan trucks are right for you. Whichever one you pick, you’ll be getting a truck that will last.

Which Nissan Rogue is Right for Me?

The Nissan Rogue is one of the most popular crossover SUVs on the market, boasting a pleasing exterior styling with a comfortable and impressively quiet interior, and a 170 horsepower 4 cylinder CVT that makes this SUV feel zippy and responsive. If you have been interested in the Nissan Rogue then this question may have popped in your head, “Which trim level is the right one for me?” Today we’ll go over the Rogue’s different trim levels and make sure you have all the knowledge you’ll need to make the decision on which Rogue is right for you.

Rogue S

The S is the base trim level of the 2020 Nissan Rogue line-up. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s lacking in features. The first thing you’ll notice on the S is remote keyless entry, meaning you don’t have to fumble around looking for your key in your pockets or bag, you can just open up the door and sit down. Once you’re inside the S you’ll be greeted with a six-way manual driver’s seat for yourself and a four-way manual front passenger’s seat for whoever you have riding up front. If you’re driving around the family or friends you’ll be pleased to know that the S has Nissan’s EZ Flex seating system with second-row split folding/sliding/reclining seats with pass-through for comfortability and ease of access. Many great safety features such as intelligent lane intervention, blind spot warnings, and rear cross traffic alert and rear view monitor come standard to make sure you have the safest experience possible. You can also choose between front-wheel and all-wheel drive. Starting at $25,200 the S is a great value option for the Rogue.

Rogue SV

The next trim is the SV. You’ll find all of the great performance and luxury features that were on the S, plus some extra additions that make the SV great. Convenience features such as a motion activated liftgate, Quick Comfort heated front seats, dual-zone automatic temperature control and an eight-way power driver’s seat with two-way lumbar support make the SV feel like a more complete package. You again get the choice of either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive and have the same 170 horsepower 4-cylinder engine that is featured on all the trim levels. Starting at $26,620 the SV gives you plenty of value for your money.

Rogue SL

The ultimate trim level is the SL. Having all the fantastic features of the previous two trims, plus many features that push the Rogue into a different level of performance and luxury, the SL is the Rogue at its best. Instead of the 17-inch wheels the previous two trims roll on, the SL stands proud on 19-inch aluminum-alloy wheels. Bose Premium Audio System with nine speakers, NissanConnect Services powered by SiriusXM, and HomeLink Universal Transceiver add an extra level of convenience that really makes the SL feel like the complete package. You still get the option of front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, and you get the same engine as the previous trims. Starting at $31,590 the SL, the extra features definitely warrant the price. 

Come on down to Briggs Nissan and give the Rogue a test drive, that way you can see for yourself why the Rogue is the best selling Nissan vehicle.

Nissan’s Tips for Disinfecting Your Vehicle

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 disinfecting your vehicle is more important now than it has ever been before. As well as disinfecting surfaces in your car you should also be frequently washing your hands, especially after getting home from wherever you’ve been. 

It’s been recommended by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) that you use disposable gloves when disinfecting surfaces. Use soap and water to clean a dirty surface before wiping it down using alcohol based wipes or sprays containing at least 70% alcohol. It’s important to use these because other house based cleaners, such as bleach or hydrogen peroxide can damage your vehicle’s upholstery and interior surfaces.

If you have a more modern vehicle that has an infotainment screen you need to be careful with how you disinfect it. Use wipes that are made to clean touch screen surfaces, as the ammonia in regular disinfectant wipes can damage the anti-glare and anti-fingerprint coatings on your infotainment screen. 

Here’s a checklist of items that should be disinfected regularly

  • Steering wheel
  • Key and remote fob
  • Exterior door handles
  • Trunk lid or lift gate grab areas
  • Interior door pulls, both sides and interior door panels
  • Start button, if equipped
  • Rear view mirror, back and edges
  • HVAC vents
  • Gear selector
  • Turn signal lever
  • Windshield wiper controls
  • Center stack knobs
  • Center console and armrest
  • Seat belt and buckle. Avoid harsh cleaners on the belt itself, they can degrade the fibres and the belt’s strength
  • Parking brake handle, parking brake or release lever

If a vehicle requires more attention, remember that automotive dealerships and their service departments are deemed essential services while many businesses around the country are closed in response to government mandates aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19. As a result, Briggs Nissan is still up and running, offering all the services your car could need.

2020 Nissan Pathfinder Towing Capacity

The 2020 Nissan Pathfinder is an impressive SUV that is an equal balance of both fun and functionality. With an impressive engine and four wheel drive, this vehicle can get down and dirty when needed. That’s all great, but what is the towing capacity like on the new Pathfinder?

Six thousand pounds is the towing capacity on the 2020 Pathfinder, which is great! This gives you the capacity to tow almost any large trailer, fishing boat, and camper. If you get the Pathfinder you’ll get practicality and comfort in a perfect mix.

The Nissan Pathfinder offers a powerful engine capable of taking on any challenge. The fuel economy on the Nissan Pathfinder is 20 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the highway. Here’s a rundown on what you get with the 2020 Pathfinder: You’ll find a 3.5L Direct Injection Gasoline™ (DIG) V6 engine with XTRONIC CVT® (continuously variable transmission), 284 horsepower with 259 lb-ft of torque, and standard front-wheel drive with Intelligent 4×4 upgrade for better off-road handling.

Whether you’re going to work or driving around the family you’ll get a good amount of space so everyone can stay comfortable. Eight cup holders and six-bottle holders are spread throughout the Pathfinder, which is great if you have kids. 16.2 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats up, 79.5 cubic feet of cargo space when the rear seats are down, with eight cargo net tie-down anchors and a tow hitch receiver with 7-pin wiring harness and optional motion-activated liftgate.

If you want a vehicle that is fun to drive, comfortable, great for family drives, and can also haul a trailer, boat, or camper, then the 2020 Nissan Pathfinder is the right choice for you.

How Does Nissan Rogue’s AWD Work?

The Nissan Rogue has available all-wheel drive with every trim level, specifically intelligent all-wheel drive that senses a loss in traction and adjusts traction when necessary. AWD is important as it helps increase traction and handling in rough or slick roads. You may be wondering how the intelligent AWD system works, and today we have that answer for you. 

The Nissan Rogue Intelligent AWD is an impressive drivetrain that distributes power as needed to maximize traction. The Rogue starts off in AWD to enhance grip until it gets up to speed, then the Rogue conserves power by redirecting torque to the front wheels to improve efficiency. If the Rogue encounters slippery conditions, the Intelligent AWD system redistributes power to the wheels that need it to maintain control. 

The Intelligent AWD of the Rogue transfers power where you need it when you need it.

The Rogue’s AWD system also has a new feature, that being the lock button. The lock button is a system that has a low-speed regulator button which can lock all four wheels for better traction in snow or while off-roading. In the case of bad road conditions, this system splits the power between the front and rear wheels for better grip and control. 

If you’re interested in getting the feel of this system yourself, come down to the showroom and we’ll give you a test drive and answer any questions you may have.

New All-electric Nissan SUV on the Way?

Nissan could be looking to introduce a brand new, larger, electric sport utility vehicle to join the all-electric ranks of the Leaf and the recently announced electric crossover, Ariya. The EV is based on the CMF-EV modular architecture, which is expected to underpin many new zero-emission vehicles from the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance in the future. 

Nissan Europe’s EV division boss, Helen Perry was quoted in saying “The C-SUV and D-SUV segments are due to grow about 300 percent over the next three years, so we will look to use the platform in growth segments in the next few years.” Perry’s words sound like a strong indication that a larger EV SUV is in the works. Nissan’s schedule remains a mystery to us, though, so we don’t know when the model will be introduced to the market.

“It all depends on the demand of the customer,” she added. “If we’d bought Ariya to market earlier, I’m not sure customers would have been ready for it. Technology wouldn’t have been as up to date as it will be at launch. And while Covid-19 has been terrible, it has made customers 

review what is important – for example, emissions.”

That’s all the information we have as of now, but as more leaks we will continue to update you, so stay tuned, Nissan fans!

Nissan’s 400Z Speculation

With the trends constantly shifting and changing when it comes to the popularity of different styles of cars, it was only a matter of time till the sports car style came back into the limelight. Nissan has recognized this shift in style, and has decided to tease us with the announcement of a new Z. The current Nissan 370Z is over 10 years old now, and while it’s still a fantastic car, it’s time for it to be retired. The next generation of the iconic Z will be the 7th generation of the car, and it will be called the 400Z. Here’s all the information regarding the 400Z we’ve been able to gather so far, but keep in mind, nearly all of this is still industry speculation:

We’ll start with the exterior. The only real look at the 400Z was a short teaser from Nissan, but it gives us some details to work off of. The headlights look like the 270Z’s, giving the new Z a retro look, but a futuristic looking body gives this beast its own unique style. The hood looks to be longer, which would make sense so it can accommodate a larger engine. It’s rumored that the 400Z will have a rectangular grille rather than Nissan’s V-Motion grille. 

The 400Z will most likely share its platform and powertrain with Infiniti’s Q60 Coupe. This means that a twin-turbo V6 engine will be featured on the new Z. This engine generates 300 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. It’s rumored that the 400Z will live up to its name and have 400 horsepower on tap. That could mean that Nissan will go straight for the 400 hp version of the twin-turbo V6 that is currently only available in the Red Sport badged Q50 and Q60 models. However, don’t rule out the possibility of Nissan bringing out a powerful version of its VC-Turbo (Variable Compression-Turbocharged engine). 

The interior is most likely going to keep the two-seater style of the 370Z, with upgrades in technology and comfort. Expect a refined infotainment center that adds modern features such as bluetooth. The 400Z will also likely get the retro styling treatment on the interior as well, which is bound to look great.

The price of the 400Z will likely be in the $40,000 range. Hopefully more information regarding the 400Z comes out soon, but don’t expect for the new Z to come out anytime soon. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak it’s hard to pinpoint an exact release of the 400Z, but it’s predicted that it will be available for purchase in 2021.

Third-gen 2021 Nissan Rogue

 A new model of Nissan’s compact SUV, the Rogue, goes on sale this fall with brand new advanced driver assistance features such as adaptive cruise control, which will slow the vehicle in anticipation of upcoming dramatic curves and exit ramps. The Rogue is entering its third generation, and it’s adopting a slightly different look, now having a more boxy style. Nissan’s top selling SUV will get an upright grille with a V-shaped chrome trim and a flat hood with blacked out pillars giving the impressions of a floating roof.

The most exciting feature in the new Rogue is its Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system. There is a dial that can switch between five different modes, terrain mode, snow mode, normal mode, eco mode, and sport mode. This means the 2021 Rogue is extremely versatile and can be used in a multitude of situations, from a snowy day in the mountains to a long road trip in the middle of nowhere.

If you’re looking to purchase a family vehicle, the 2021 Rogue is a great option. The rear doors open to nearly 90 degrees, making it easier for inserting child seats. Speaking of child seats, you can safely install a child seat in either the right, middle, or left back seat. Three-zone climate control allows rear passengers to set their own temperature and fan speed, while intelligent remote start can heat or cool the rear seat before the family enters the car. Heated rear seats are optional. Door-mounted cup holders big enough for a 32-ounce container are standard.

The price of different trims and other important information, such as gas mileage will be released the closer we get to the Rogue’s fall release. We do have information regarding the engine, though. The 2021 Rogue will come with a 181-horsepower 2.5L four-cylinder engine linked to a continuously variable automatic transmission. The engine and transmission both get tweaks for the new model, including new programming and reduced friction.

If you want to stay up to date with information regarding the 2021 Nissan Rogue then make sure to stay posted on all things Nissan. If you want to check out some other Nissan models then  come on down to Briggs Nissan in Manhattan, Kansas. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff would love to help!

Nissan Ariya Production Model Teaser

A taste of what to expect.

For those excited by our first mention of the Ariya electric crossover concept back in February, a recent teaser photo released by Nissan should give you a boost! The teaser is of the Ariya production model, and though difficult to make out, the lines do appear to be strikingly similar to the concept. If you still have some healthy skepticism, also recall past Nissan concepts that have released not too far from their concept designs: models such as the GT-R, Juke, and Leaf have all come to market nearly indiscernible from their preview build. 

The Ariya seemed nearly ready for production when we first saw it, and there are rumors that the infotainment and driver displays, as well as the floating dashboard, will also carry over inside. Going even deeper though, expectations are that Nissan’s e-4ORCE all-wheel control system will be powering the vehicle, something the Ariya will likely share with the Leaf in upcoming iterations. Whereas the Leaf currently offers 226 miles of range, this new system is eyeing no less than 300 miles. 

For more news on the Ariya stay tuned here and at Nissan News