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The technical description of Brake Pads’ responsibility is that they convert vehicular kinetic energy into heat energy through friction between the pads and the rotors. The Brake Pads are held in place by the brake caliper with the flat face parallel to the rotor. When you push against the brake pedal, the hydraulic brake system comes to life by powerfully clamping the brake pads against the rotor to generate resistance. In terms of engineering, brake pads have strengths that are also limitations.

For example, the very materials that make brake pads attractive for automotive braking also limit their service life. Since we already know that Brake Pads will eventually wear out and cause problems if left unattended, we also know that they should be replaced before you have metal-on-metal damage to the brake calipers and rotors. At Briggs Nissan, we recommend following the maintenance schedule for Front Brake Pads to rest assured knowing the condition and performance of the Brake Pads. 

What are the Warning Signs of Worn Down Brake Pads?

Generally speaking, Front Brake Pads wear out approximately twice as fast as the rear brake pads due to the variable forces that define the front end of a vehicle versus the rear. Although merely following the recommended maintenance schedule for Front Brake Pad Service is always a fantastic idea, it is equally important to monitor the braking system’s performance just in case the Brake Pads wear out faster than expected. Here is a list of the warning signs of worn-down Brake Pads:

  • Less than ¼ inch of brake pad remains
  • Noises during braking
  • Pungent burnt odor 
  • Brake pedal feels harder or softer than before 
  • Vehicle requires a greater distance to stop

What do I get with Front Brake Pad Replacement Service?

The intention of our Front Brake Pad Replacement Service at Briggs Nissan is to restore brake pads to peak performance for maximum stopping power and safety. The good news about Front Brake Pad Replacement Service is that it targets the Front Brakes, offering you the potential for efficient maintenance service on the Brake System. By providing the service precisely when you need it, you can reduce operating costs by giving your Nissan vehicle what it needs exactly when it is required. Here is an overview of the significant action steps included with every Front Brake Pad Replacement Service at Briggs Nissan: 

  • Replacing old Brake Pads with genuine Nissan OEM Brake Pads 
  • Resurfacing or Replacing brake rotors as needed 
  • Inspection and correction of the parking brake 
  • Brake fluid check and exchange as necessary 
  • Inspection of the entire Brake System including: 
    • Rear brake pads or shoes
    • Rear rotors or drums
    • Master cylinder
    • Brake lines
    • Vacuum booster

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