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Does your car take a nosedive when you hit the brakes coming to a stop at the light in Junction City? It may be time to have your most important safety system serviced at the Briggs Nissan Service Center in Manhattan, KS. All of our service bays are equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment required to properly troubleshoot the problem followed up by a fast fix performed by our certified technicians.

Nissan Brake Services

New Brake Pads for Your Nissan

Your brake pads are the wear and tear part of your braking system. They typically will last anywhere from 30,000 to 60,000 miles before you are noticing that irritating grinding or squealing noise every time you hit the pedal. Replacing the brake pads takes only an hour or two and will shorten your braking distance and maintain the safety systems associated with your brakes.

Resurface or Replacing Your Rotors

The rotors roll with your wheels and provide a solid surface for the pads to rub against to bring your car to a stop. Your rotors will wear out over time and should be replaced every 40,000 to 80,000 miles. If your brake pedal vibrates, your rotors may be warped and can be resurfaced to extend their life or have them replaced for a more permanent solution.

Anti-lock Brake System Diagnostic and Service

Is your ABS warning light illuminated on your dash? Your anti-lock braking system will rapidly vibrate your brakes when applying sudden pressure during a panic stop. The warning light may indicate that a sensor or connection is broken and needs repairing to ensure you can bring your ride to a safe stop without sliding in an emergency. We can conduct a quick diagnostic using our computer interface and restore your braking system to good working order.

The Right Technicians and the Right Parts

At the Service Center of Briggs Nissan, we employ only factory-trained technicians with the experience and knowledge to correctly troubleshoot and repair any problem in your car, truck, or SUV. When working on any Nissan, we use genuine OEM parts, filters, and authorized fluids, so you can keep driving with the confidence that your vehicle is ready to perform up to standard. Are you waiting for us to finish fixing up your brakes? Check out our massage chair, complimentary beverages, and free Wi-Fi in the lounge. Use our easy online scheduling form to request brake service on the date and time that works best with your busy Manhattan, KS schedule. We are open six days a week, so you can take care of this errand when it is most convenient for you.

Dealership Amenities

  • Factory-Trained Technicians
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Briggs Nissan Dealership Amenities
Briggs Nissan Dealership Amenities
Briggs Nissan Dealership Amenities
Briggs Nissan Dealership Amenities

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