Nissan Ariya Concept

At CES 2020, Nissan unveiled their new concept vehicle, the Nissan Ariya. The Ariya isn’t ready for the assembly line yet, but it is looking extremely promising. This sleek and seamless new vehicle is an electric crossover, this means that the Ariya will have twin electric motors and powerful acceleration. Along with this the Ariya will come with award-winning driver assistance technology, five-blade, 21-inch aluminum wheels with custom tires, and a look that signals a reinvention of the brand’s design. Where there is normally a conventional grille on a gasoline-powered vehicle, there is the new, electrified V-motion signature shield which sports an illuminated Nissan emblem. 

Along with the sleek, new look, everyday functionality, and all electric motor, the Nissan Ariya is able to drive 300 miles before needing to be recharged. The Nissan Ariya will also be affordable in the EV crowd, with the standard edition coming in at $40,000. Intuitive technology allows the Ariya Concept to fit seamlessly into the driver’s daily life, whether you are in the car or out, providing the freedom and enjoyment of mobility anytime, anywhere.Traveling assistance isn’t limited to the vehicle; Door to Door Navigation allows anyone to set a destination on their smartphone, transfer it to the Ariya Concept, and have the vehicle’s navigation system continue offering directions. If the final destination is reached by foot, the system will transfer the remaining route back to the driver’s smartphone.

When you approach the Ariya, you will be greeted with a welcome light as the vehicle unlocks automatically, eliminating the need for a key fob. Even before getting inside, settings such as the driver’s seat position and climate controls are adjusted to the driver’s personal preferences, which the driver can save to their smartphone. The car can also sync with the driver’s schedule to anticipate departure times and prepare the vehicle to be climate-controlled and ready to hit the road. Once the driver is inside, the Virtual Personal Assistant can help look up information and locate parking, so that the driver never has to take their eyes off the road. While traveling, the Nissan Ariya Concept’s Smart Route Planner automatically identifies and plots charging stops along the way, ensuring that the driver arrives at the desired destination, whether near or far.


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