How Does Nissan Rogue’s AWD Work?

The Nissan Rogue has available all-wheel drive with every trim level, specifically intelligent all-wheel drive that senses a loss in traction and adjusts traction when necessary. AWD is important as it helps increase traction and handling in rough or slick roads. You may be wondering how the intelligent AWD system works, and today we have that answer for you. 

The Nissan Rogue Intelligent AWD is an impressive drivetrain that distributes power as needed to maximize traction. The Rogue starts off in AWD to enhance grip until it gets up to speed, then the Rogue conserves power by redirecting torque to the front wheels to improve efficiency. If the Rogue encounters slippery conditions, the Intelligent AWD system redistributes power to the wheels that need it to maintain control. 

The Intelligent AWD of the Rogue transfers power where you need it when you need it.

The Rogue’s AWD system also has a new feature, that being the lock button. The lock button is a system that has a low-speed regulator button which can lock all four wheels for better traction in snow or while off-roading. In the case of bad road conditions, this system splits the power between the front and rear wheels for better grip and control. 

If you’re interested in getting the feel of this system yourself, come down to the showroom and we’ll give you a test drive and answer any questions you may have.