2020 All-wheel Drive Altima

Along with a spacious cabin and contemporary technology, the Altima is the only sedan in its class with optional all-wheel drive. The available Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system continuously monitors road conditions and can respond to changes faster than the blink of an eye. You can get all-wheel drive in these trim levels; S, SR, SV, SL, and Platinum.

There are many safety and performance benefits to getting your Altima in all-wheel drive. One of the biggest safety advantages to having all-wheel drive is performance in bad weather conditions. Since all four wheels are capable of propelling the vehicle forward, it can continue to drive even if one or two wheels lose traction due to slippery surfaces such as ice, snow or mud. All-wheel drive means that more of the engine’s power can be transferred to the road immediately. Steering is also improved in all-wheel drive vehicles, as the front wheels can be more devoted to steering than driving.

Nissan also provides a cutting-edge engine called VC-Turbo that attempts to maximize fuel efficiency and performance. While other engines must deal with a fixed compression ratio – providing the same balance of power and efficiency regardless of the situation – the VC-Turbo constantly adapts, raising or lowering its pistons’ reach seamlessly, variably and continuously, providing the same balance of power and efficiency regardless of the situation.

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