Nissan 15,000 Mile Service

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15,000 Mileage Interval Service 

The Nissan 15,000 mile service is the first preventative maintenance schedule for your Nissan vehicle. You've most likely already had a few oil changes done on your car, truck or SUV and the 15,000-mile mark is the time for a thorough checkup on your vehicle. 

This is about the time that some items will need inspecting and replacing if necessary. You will usually have an oil and filter change, your windshield wiper blades replaced and your transmission fluid exchanged. The engine and cabin air filter will likely need changing as well as your coolant fluid will be exchanged. You will have your wheel bearings, lock and hinges lubricated and your spark plugs replaced. Your braking system and charging system will also be inspected.

Importance of Regular Auto Service

This service interval is recommended by Nissan to keep your car operating properly and safely on the road. By having your entire vehicle examined, you will have any parts that are worn or starting to fail replaced without the need for a more expensive repair due to other parts failing. Scheduling this service can save your money and time because you won't be stranded on the side of the road and need a tow truck.

What Happens if I Don't Get My Nissan Serviced at 15,000 Miles

If you wait to schedule this preventative maintenance for longer than 15,000 miles, you may have some parts that are excessively worn, which in turn wears out other parts and you could be facing a large repair bill. Not having the maintenance as scheduled can also jeopardize your safety in many instances. If your windshield wipers are not performing correctly, you can get into a wreck when you can't see clearly. Lubrication services keep all metal to metal parts moving freely without friction which in turn produces heat. Changing the coolant and oil keeps your engine running cool and clean for a longer lifespan. In addition, an inspection of your braking system can uncover failing parts before you need them and they don't work to stop you.

Use a Professional Nissan Service Center

You should only trust your highly important service needs to a professional Nissan dealership, such as Briggs Nissan in Manhattan, KS or in Junction City, KS. All of our technicians are highly knowledgeable and complete rigorous training by the Nissan factory. This means that we know your Nissan, no matter the make or model, better than any general mechanic ever will.

Our experienced technicians will examine your vehicle and if need be, replace worn parts immediately from our vast stock inventory of genuine Nissan parts while you wait in our comfortable waiting area with beverages and coffee. We offer service financing options and you can also visit our parts and Nissan gear boutique. Our number one priority for all of our customers is your safety on the road.

Dealership Amenities

  • Factory-Trained Technicians
  • Genuine Parts & Accessories
  • Service Financing Options Available - Nissan One To One Rewards
  • Comfortable Waiting Area
  • Parts & Nissan Gear Boutique
  • Premium Refreshments
Briggs Nissan Dealership Amenities
Briggs Nissan Dealership Amenities
Briggs Nissan Dealership Amenities
Briggs Nissan Dealership Amenities

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