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Rating: 1 - These people just tried to completely screw my daughter over. We walked onto the lot with $10,000 cash. My daughter has no credit history and is a first time buyer. She found a car she liked and we started the paperwork. She needed to finance about $3500 to get the car but with $10,000 down we figured it wouldn't be a problem. Their finance manager came back and told us that the only bank that would approve her wanted 15.5% interest over 5 years....AND, they would only let her put down $7500 instead of the full $10,000. So of course we walked. A few days later we went to Beloit auto and truck plaza. Larae Schneider pulled up the credit application that my daughter filled out for Briggs and noticed that they had submitted a request to a Bank that they use often, so she called the bank directly to find out why my daughter had been denied. Turns out, this bank had actually APPROVED my daughter at 6.24% but briggs NEVER TOLD US THAT! They tried to get her to buy a car at an outrageous interest rate, even though she was approved for a  more reasonable rate! SO now my daughter is driving a better car, at a better interest rate, because Briggs went out of their way to try and milk more money out of her. I will NEVER buy another car from Briggs and you shouldn't either. This is absolutely  a prime example of why car dealers have a bad name. These guys are predatory scum.
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Rating: 1 - Nice service people, too bad they didn't fix my car after 3 visits. However, I know car diagnosis and repairs can be complicated so that's not why they get one star. After having "repairs" completed I was asked if I wanted copies of the paperwork, and of course I did for my records. I wad told they would email them to me, so I reluctantly gave them my email address. I never received the paperwork, but I did start recieving unsolicited advertisements from Briggs Nissan. Putting me on a mailing list without my authorization, under the guise of offering me my repair documents through email is about the slimiest thing ever. If they're willing to lie to get an email address what else will they lie to you about? Super shady business practice.
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Google - Briggs Nissan - Manhattan, Kansas 66502

Rating: 1 - Have had two service interactions with this dealer and both have been poor. I believe they perform additional/unnecessary service to run up the bill, taking advantage of college students. First interaction, went in for oil change and they did rear brakes and it was $500. The second was to replace broken serpentine belt. They said it needed two pulleys and bill was $990. Spoke to my KC Infiniti dealer and they said this dealership has reputation for this type of thing. They hear about it often from parents of K-State students. Said it would be rare for two pulleys to go bad at same time. Feel taken advantage of. Would not recommend.
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Rating: 5 - I came to Briggs not knowing what i wanted for a family car, and Ben Fitzgerald helped me out a lot. The first thing i did was test drive different cars in my price range and he found the car for me. Thanks Ben!
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Rating: 5 - Just bought my first brand new car and the sales Ben Fitzgerald and the experience itself was nothing less than fantastic. I’ve bought my last two cars from Briggs here in Manhattan and I’ve went to all the other dealers in the area and I can honestly say the staff and prices are unmatched. Ben was able to work with me I thought I could only afford used but he got me everything I wanted and more in a brand new model a year newer and a trim level higher all within the same budget. Highly recommend
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